UBH Nutrition focuses on flexible nutrition; Its all about tracking your macronutrient intake to help achieve your goals.


The Breakdown

Our method focuses on flexible nutrition; tracking your macronutrient intake to help you achieve your body composition and performance goals. Flexible nutrition takes the "good" and "bad" out of the traditional diet mentality and allows you to see the progress you want while giving you the flexibility to eat the foods you love! Gone are the days of struggle and shame. Feel good. Be happy. Live healthier. Period.

This is why we designed a nutrition program that works for everyone. Yes, everyone. There are no restrictions – rather, we set food boundaries. It is an accessible, achievable, simple, and feasible way to stay consistent! Your coach will help you every step of the way.

More About Coaching

When we talk about "sustainable" living, what we mean is you can still enjoy life!

YES- you can grab a delicious dinner out with friends, you can go out for ice cream and get the works, and you can indulge in beers with the guys or bloody mary’s with your girlfriends. In UBH Nutrition, there are no foods off limits with your flexible nutrition program.

So why do we do this? A restricted, low-calorie, no carb diet is not only hard to adhere to but it is also absolutely miserable, makes you feel like crap, and will lead to you being unhappy and unsocial.

Keep your social life and happiness while getting healthy at the same time!

I’m only about 20 days in, but this is by far the longest I’ve stuck with anything, lol, and I can feel the difference in myself. Physically and mentally. Being a conscientious eater will be a lifelong change!
— Erin, UBH Nutrition Member

How It Works

  • You follow your coach's macronutrient numbers and track your intake
  • Still eat foods that you love
  • As you change and make progress, your coach will help adjust your numbers
  • Stop worrying about trying to "diet"
  • Your coach will help guide you and answer your questions along the way
  • You get to live a healthier lifestyle and reach your goals